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Workshops calendar 2021

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Love to make your own olives at home to impress your friends and family? Not sure where to start though? We'll teach you how to make sure your home-made olives are not only tasty, but that they're also safe, and will not spoil.

Ever wondered what EXACTLY a SCOBY is? Or how kombucha is made? Then here's the course for you! You'll learn not only about the process of making kombucha but about the science too, and, specifically, about the the amazing microbial world of one of our favourite drinks.

Ever wondered about the science of making sauerkraut? Love to make your own at home but not sure where to start? In this course, you'll learn who's who in the microbial world when it comes to making sauerkraut, and you'll gain an understanding of the science of sauerkraut that will leave you equipped to make sure that your sauerkraut is not only tasty, but safe (i.e. that the good guys come out on top).


Salamanca Place, opposite Princes Park, Battery Point

(rear of Harriett's Landing, 13 - 17 Castray Esplanade) 

Quantal Bioscience Starter Space

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The King's School 

87 - 129 Pennant Hills Rd North Parramatta

Quantal Bioscience @ The Science Centre

(follow the signs to The Future Project)




They're not just our work, they're our play too :-)

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